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  • Southeastern Children’s Home provides residential services to abused and neglected or troubled adolescent boys and girls ages 11-21. These children, while extremely vibrant, require a great deal of behavior intervention. Upon completion of the program our young men and women are either returned to their natural home, placed in a less restrictive environment, or placed in an independent living program.

    Our children attend local public schools (Spartanburg County District Five) and are greeted three days a week after school by our on-site tutors to assist with home work or special projects.

    Our group homes use a parenting model in which a Christian couple lives in the residential facility with our children. The house parents consistently work with our young people to provide a stable nurturing environment.

    Southeastern Children’s Home has three level 2 group homes. Two of these homes, the Smith Cottage and the Senn Cottage, are located on our main campus in Duncan, SC. Another is located near by in Lyman, SC. The Smith Cottage can host up to eight boys. Similarly, the Senn Cottage is a residential group home for up to eight girls. In the nearby town of Lyman, we have a pre-independent living facility in which four of our older female residents learn independant living skills that will allow them to flourish upon graduation of our program.

    Educational Program – Most of the children referred to our residential program have been placed in several foster or group homes over their short lifespan. As a result, the majority of our residents come to Southeastern Children’s Home approximately one or two school terms behind similarly aged children. In order to foster an environment of learning, we employ teachers who work with each of the children after school in our state-of-the-art classroom setting located in the Family Service Center. During these times, our students receive individualized attention for difficult assignments and projects. Additionally, during their tutoring sessions, our children have access to computers and internet for research.

  • This service, which is a real blessing to families as well as to children, helps children of all ages find permanent families. Most of the adoptions currently being done by Southeastern are done through networking with other agencies. In the future, we hope to build the adoption program and be able to serve many more children.

    If you make an adoption plan for you and your baby, we will assist you in finding appropriate and qualified medical care for your pregnancy and delivery. Our free counseling services are available to you even after the adoption is final. Our counseling services are open to birth fathers, family members, and supportive friends.

    • Can I see or hold the baby in the hospital?
      This decision is yours. We will honor and respect your choices.
    • Can I participate in picking the family for my child?
      Yes, you can choose an adoptive family that has been approved and studied by our agency.
    • How do I know the adoptive family is a good one?
      All of our families go through home study process. The social worker does an inspection of their home to ensure that the environment is appropriate for child-rearing. The couple goes through several interviews and training sessions individually and together. Criminal and child abuse background checks are done on both spouses. Physical exams are required for anyone living in the home. We get confidential references from friends, family members, employers, and church leaders.
    • Can I find out about my child after he/she is placed with a family?
      Yes. We will share with you what we know. Most families are willing to send pictures and letters so that you can see how your child is doing. This is done through the agency.

    For more information about adoption services through Southeastern Children’s Home. Please contact Robert C. Kimberly, Executive Director, at 864.439.0259 or rkimberly@sech.org.

  • Southeastern Counseling Center offers professional marriage, family, and individual counseling in a biblical, Christ-centered context.

    • Christian philosophy counseling
    • Serving adolescents, couples, and adult individuals
    • Licensed/Supervised Masters level counselors
    • Highest ethical standards
    • Flexible session times
    • Sliding scale fees
    What you can expect from us
    • Confidentiality
      Simply stated, what you talk about in counseling sessions remain known only to you and your counselor. This creates a climate of trust necessary for a successful working relationship.
    • Competence
      All counselors are master level with education and experience qualifying them to provide individual, marriage, and family counseling. Consultation and supervision, when needed, are provided.
    • Compassion
      The overall goal of the counseling center is to improve the quality of life of individuals, families, and the community. The compassion of Christ is the motivation for this ministry.
    Who we serve

    Adolescent boys and girls, couples with marital challenges, and individual adults with issues other than addiction or severe depression.


    A session fee is determined by a sliding scale based on annual income. Southeastern Counseling Center requires payment at the time services are rendered.

    Southeastern Counseling Center does not deal with insurance companies directly. If you wish to file for reimbursement with your own insurance company, your counselor will be glad to fill out a diagnosis form and sign the appropriate paper work. However, you must provide the insurance forms required by your insurance carrier.

    Counseling staff

    Director/Counselor: Robert C. Kimberly, MA, LPC, NBCC

    Counselor: Vicki Stidham, MA, LPC

    Counselor: Karen Fitzpatrick, MA, LMFT

    • 115 Children’s Way, Duncan, SC 29334
    • 619 Oakland Street, Hendersonville, NC 28791.

    If you have questions concerning the Counseling Center or would like to schedule an appointment, contact our office at 864.439.0259 or 800.659.0365.

    If you have scheduled an appointment, click here to download and print forms to complete them in advance.